Measure Security Culture

At CLTRe (Pronounced Culture), we believe that you cannot change something you cannot measure. If you want to change your security culture, you must start by measuring it. 

Let us help you measure your security culture, so you can improve it!

The CLTRe Toolkit was created with social scientific methods and principles.
With our assessment tools you gain precise insights to your security culture throughout your organization.
Adapt your security culture programme to your needs using the flexible approach of the CLTRe Builder.
Usability is crucial to help the employees actually complete the assessments


The Security CLTRe Toolkit use social science principles and methodologies to measure ideas, customs and behaviors of employees.

With the CLTRe Toolkit, you can take the guesswork out of your security awareness activities, and start building a strong security culture to combat cyberthreats!

  • Measure norms, attitudes and social behaviors
  • Discover trends and cultural changes
  • See cultural differences in your organization
  • Influence the culture where it’s needed

  • Non-intrusive to the employees
  • No training required
  • Minimal distraction for employees
  • Deep insights for the CISO


The CLTRe Toolkit is a comprehensive suite built to help you assess, build and improve security culture. Take the quesswork out of your security awareness programme, and discover the true culture of your organization!


CLTRe work with some of the finest brands out there.