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Measure Security Culture

Measure security culture accurately using the CLTRe Toolkit, a software-as-a-service that provide you with deep insights to the weak spots and the strongholds of the human factor.

More than compliance!

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The CLTRe Toolkit is used to assess, build and improve
security culture worldwide

The CLTRe Toolkit was created with social scientific methods and principles.
With our assessment tools you gain precise insights to your security culture throughout your organisation.
Adapt your security culture programme to your needs using the flexible approach of the CLTRe Builder.
Usability is crucial to help the employees actually complete the assessments

CLTRe is an award winning software company specialising in measuring security culture. Our software provides our customers with details insights into the effectiveness of their security awareness investments by applying our scientific measurement instrument.

The CLTRe Toolkit enables benchmarking across teams, departments, business units and industry sectors. Available in 9 languages, the instrument provides detailed metrics on security culture and how it changes over time, making it the right choice for organisations who are concerned about GDPR.

Recommended by ENISA

Why measure culture?

Create a baseline

A measurement provides a baseline from which you can improve.
Use the metrics to assess your organisation as a whole and plan how to build a security culture.

Measure your effectiveness

Be prepared for the planned changes in Data Security regulation. Being able to test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and document your organisational measures is a requirement of GDPR (Article 32) and an important part of GRC.

Mitigate Risk

Our case studies show that reducing the risk of data breaches due to human error by just 1%, through the effective use of CLTRe insights, reduces the average cost of a security breach considerably. The CLTRe Toolkit provides deep insights into your own human factor. Used effectively, CLTRe insights can save an organisation 100,000s of euros annually.

Influence culture where it’s needed

Channel your efforts. By showing you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are, the CLTRe Toolkit acts as a guide allowing you to adapt and target your training programs to ensure that your efforts to build and improve culture are efficiently managed and, crucially, more effective.

The Security Culture Report is available

Gain deep insights into the human factor

The Security Culture Report 2017 – Deep insights into the human factor, is available! Learn how age, gender, industry sector and other factors play a part at securing your organisation.

Free for a limited time!

Tech Trailblazers Winner

CLTRe have been selected as a winner in the Firestarter category in the Tech Trailblazers Awards. The Firestarter award is to showcase young and excellent global startups in the technology sector.

The shortlist is selected by a panel of leading IT industry experts and winners decided by public vote.

The CLTRe Toolkit is a software-as-a-service built to help you assess, build and improve security culture. Take the guess-work out of your security awareness programme, and discover the true culture of your organisation!


At CLTRe (“Culture”), we believe that you cannot change something you cannot measure. If you want to change your security culture, you must start by measuring it. Use dedicated tools to measure your security culture, so you can improve it!

The CLTRe Toolkit uses social science principles and methodologies to measure ideas, customs and behaviours of employees.

Let it take the guesswork out of your security awareness activities, and start building a strong security culture to combat cyberthreats!

  • Measure norms, attitudes and social behaviours
  • Discover trends and cultural changes
  • See cultural differences in your organisation
  • Influence the culture where it’s needed

  • Non-intrusive to the employees
  • No training required
  • Minimal distraction for employees
  • Deep insights for the CISO

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