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Assess, Build and Improve Security Culture

CLTRe (pronounced Culture) specialise in measuring security culture.
As the market leaders, we believe that if you want to change your security culture, you must start by measuring it. CLTRe offer a unique and innovative solution.
Headed up by Kai Roer, our team of experts use proven social scientific methods and principles to create the assessment tools which gain precise insights into your organisational Security Culture.

Security Culture is

“the ideas, customs and social behaviours that your organisation,
and its subgroups, have, use and act upon to create a state of being free
from threat and danger” (Roer, 2015)

Using social scientific methods and principles, we have created a non-intrusive, easy-to-use assessment instrument to measure security culture within your workplace accurately and reliably. In May 2017, we published our first annual Security Culture Report (link to report) detailing not only our main findings but also sharing our scientific approach and methodology.

Every organisation is unique and comes with its own culture and subcultures. All of them impact the thoughts, ideas and behaviours of its employees. By measuring, we discover the trends and patterns that make each culture, and we can discover the precise weak spots and strongholds that decide how secure it is.

Using the right tools and measures, we can impact, change and foster a security culture to the way we want it to be.

It is often reported that human error accounts for up to 95% of data breaches. By understanding an organisation’s security culture and having the level of insight that our software-as-a-service delivers, our customers are able to reduce the risk of data breaches and improve their security culture.

Why measure culture?

Create a baseline

A measurement provides a baseline from which you can improve.
Use the metrics to assess your organisation as a whole and plan how to build a security culture.

Influence culture where it’s needed

Channel your efforts. By showing you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are, the CLTRe Toolkit acts as a guide allowing you to adapt and target your training programs to ensure that your efforts to build and improve culture are efficiently managed and, crucially, more effective.

Measure your effectiveness

Be prepared for the planned changes in Data Security regulation. Being able to test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and document your organisational measures is a requirement of GDPR (Article 32) and an important part of GRC.

Reduce cost of breach

Our case studies show that reducing the risk of data breaches due to human error by just 1%, through the effective use of CLTRe insights, reduces the average cost of a security breach considerably. The CLTRe Toolkit provides deep insights into your own human factor. Used effectively, CLTRe insights can save an organisation 100,000s of euros annually.

Get real insights into the Security Culture of your organisation

We provide a comprehensive suite of instruments to assess, build and improve the security culture of any organisation. Our services include security culture assessments, insightful reports and action items to guide you.

We measure each dimension of security culture at every level within an organisation, to provide deep insights that allow our customers to quickly determine which areas need improvement and who to engage with, so that they can target their activities and measure their impact.
We believe that you cannot change something without first measuring it. Let us help you measure and improve your Security Culture!

CLTRe are proud sponsors of the Security Culture Framework – the free and open framework to build and maintain Security Culture.

Work at CLTRe!

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Measuring Culture is not an art, it is science. Request a demo today to learn how CLTRe applies social science to our security culture assessments!