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We pride ourselves in our excellent partners around the globe. Focused on creating value for customers, our partners are vital to ensuring the global delivery of our services at the highest quality. Building culture is team work.

The CLTRe Toolkit delivers detailed and actionable insights that are essential to build a successful security culture program, and often our partners work to facilitate those programs, to create and provide security awareness activities and to execute security culture strategies aligned with the customer’s risk management.

Our partners also work to assess, build and improve security culture in other ways too!


Our partners come in many flavors

Channel Partners
As resellers of the CLTRe Toolkit, our channel partners bring value to their customers helping them improve their security culture.

Consulting Partners
Our consulting partners use our methodologies, products and services to drive engagement and change within customer organizations.

Research Partners
Our research partners help us develop new and better tools to measure culture and behaviors.

Technology Partners
Our technology partners comes in two flavors: those who enable us to build great tools, and those who use our tools in their own systems.

Become a Partner!

Contact us today to learn how you can become a CLTRe Partner. Fill out the form and, the CLTRe Crew will in touch shortly.

The ecosystem built around the Security Culture Framework and the CLTRe Toolkit offers great value to our partners and their customers. From creating groundbreaking research to providing value-added services, working with CLTRe is rewarding!

Being a CLTRe Partner gives you direct access to our specialists and our competence.

  • The CLTRe Crew works actively with European research groups and universities to constantly improve our products and assessments. We recognize the importance of social science, and are working with the best available people and groups.
  • The CLTRe Crew is supported by an advisory board of industry experts within Information Security, Banking and Government. Having access to these internationally renowned resources provides great value to us.
  • The CLTRe Crew develop business through financial and strategic partnerships around the world.

    Tech Trailblazers Winner

    CLTRe have been selected as a winner in the Firestarter category in the Tech Trailblazers Awards.

    The Firestarter award is to showcase young and excellent global startups in the technology sector.The shortlist is selected by a panel of leading IT industry experts and winners decided by public vote.

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