Age and Experience on Risk and Security

In the past, it has been claimed that millenials, having grown up with technology, have a better understanding of technology than the older generations. This has influenced an idea that the millenials are better dealing with cybersecurity than others.

This report debunks this myth as it explores the relationship between age and experience on risk and security.

The 2017 Report explores how age and experience influences security culture. To discover the full impact of age and experience on risk and security, view and/or download the full report for free.

More than 10.000 employees studied
5 industry sectors
2 countries
38 companies
Research Findings

Examining the relationship between age, experience, risk and security, we have found that age and experience are in fact strongly correlated with personal risk management strategies and security behaviours.

For example, attitudes towards security culture improve with age, and not as a result of greater exposure to technology. Age also matters when it comes to employees’ behaviour concerning organizational security. Our findings show that younger employees are twice as likely to exhibit more risky use of computers and handling of sensitive information.

In this research, we also examined the relationship between the length of time worked at an organisation and security culture. The full report on how age and experience influence risk and security is available to download for free.