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Chart on language comparisons of security culture from the 2018 Security Culture Report by CLTRe AS
Comparing Security Culture by Language Spoken

Compare security culture across languages and locations to identify areas to improve organizational security.

Chart showing security culture change in five industries between 2016 and 2017.
Changes in Security Culture over time

Measuring changes in security culture over time, we show how some industries are improving and where others are not.

The 2018 CLTRe Industry Benchmarks for Security Culture
2018 Security Culture Industry Benchmarks

Security culture benchmarking provides insight into how culture maturity compares, for example, companies can compare their overall score by industry,…

Digitalization and global security culture

In this year’s security culture report, CLTRe analyze the security culture scores of 20,000+ employees, speaking 7 languages and from 4 industry sectors, over 2 years to understand the differences in how they understand, relate to and use security in their organizations.

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