Deep Tech on Display Corporate Day

P&G and European Innovation Council (EIC) Corporate Day, Brussels.

On 3 and 4 April 2019, at the InQbet Accelerator in Brussels, CLTRe join a limited hand-picked number of companies backed by the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot participating and presenting at the Deep Tech on Display event. The selected SMEs (CLTRe included) have the opportunity to pitch and to engage in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading corporates in Europe, including:

P&G, Cargill, DEME, ING, Ingenico, Nokia, Solvay, Umicore, AB Inbev, GSK, BMW, Mastercard, Colruyt Gorup, Belfius, Worldine, Port of Antwerp, Luminus, Coca-Cola Company, BPost FutureLab, AXA Group, DOW, and LG Technology Center Europe.

CLTRe CEO, Kai Roer, taking to the stage to present.
Roer pitching to P&G and others in Brussels.

The EIC matchmaking event helps to overcome many of the barriers that SMEs face when attempting to meet with large corporates by providing the opportunity to quickly explore opportunities with the right people. But it’s not only the SMEs that benefit. The reason the EIC events are so successful is because they make the search for innovation much easier for large, established enterprises.

The landscape of startups and scaleups is constantly evolving, and these events open up networking channels for large, established enterprises to find new and exciting opportunities to work with the companies bringing innovation and positive change.

Only SMEs that have been successfully funded by EIC pilot programmes are considered, therefore only the most innovative SMEs can be selected for the matchmaking event. CLTRe COO, Aimee Laycock, explains. “The corporates each have an idea of what sort of solutions they’re looking for, and a shortlist is drawn up of the SMEs based on that. When there is a match, the invites get sent.”

The scheme supports high-risk/high-return breakthrough research and market creating innovation. To get the most out the event, Laycock had the following advice to other startups. “Find out ahead of the event which of the companies selected you and if possible why, then book one-on-one meetings to meet with their representatives. Like many large events, being proactive really pays off.”

Post-event update: We’re delighted to share that CLTRe won the jury award for best pitch during their pitching session in Brussels.

A total of 103 entrepreneurs, coming from 25 European countries and Israel participated in 14 pitching sessions and more than 600 business meetings – a record figure for the EIC Corporate Days.

P&G and European Innovation Council (EIC) Corporate Day, Brussels.