New report on how age and experience influence risk and security (free download)

In our report on Age, Experience, Risk and Security, we share some fascinating findings of how age and experience correlates with security observations and behaviours of the workforce. For example, 50% of employees between 18 and 35 see no problem in sharing sensitive information. It is clear that if you handle secrets, confidential data or sensitive information, you must address this issue, particularly if your workforce consists of mostly young people.

People learn with experience

Our data shows that experience matters when it comes to understanding the risks of cybersecurity and identifying the right actions to take in case of a security incidents. Only 55% of employees with less than 5 years of experience know how to rapidly respond to an incident, whereas 72% of employees with 16 years or more experience report that they do. This clearly shows that experience (years in service) is important, and more so, it strongly suggests that we need to improve how we onboard new employees in our organisations.

One suggestion to quickly bring new employees up-to-speed would be to create onboarding programmes that include time to practice identifying incidents, reporting them and, to understand why this matters to the organization. To deliver such an onboarding program, it seems a very good idea to set up a mentoring/ambassador program where the new hires are matched with a colleague with at least 5 years of experience within the organization.

What next?

The report is freely available as a download from our website. If you would like to learn more about what we do, and how you can get this kind of data for your organisation, please contact our sales team to set up a demo.