NEWS: The 2020 Security Culture Report is out today

18 August, 2020 – Published today, the highly anticipated 2020 Security Culture Report is the first to be launched jointly by CLTRe and KnowBe4’s new research division, KnowBe4 Research.

The 2020 Security Culture Report provides unparalleled insights into the state of security culture across 17 industry sector worldwide.

CLTRe researchers compiled data from over 120,000 employees in 24 countries and 1107 organizations over a 3-month period to make the report, which is the largest number of employees measured on security culture yet.

The data shows a large gap between the best performers and the poor performers exists around the globe. The best performers were from Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. The worst performers were from Education, Transportation and Energy & Utilities.

However, no industry, even the highest scoring ones, should be overly pleased with their scores. Research shows a strong correlation between low security culture scores and high security risk.

The report serves organizations by breaking the concept of security culture down into seven distinct and measurable dimensions. This makes it easier to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their security culture and determine the best path toward improvement.

Written by experienced industry analysts and expert security culture researchers, each chapter focuses on a specific industry. A comprehensive statistical analysis of the Security Culture Survey results is used to provide a deep review of the areas for improvement in each sector.

This year’s industry report succeeds as an essential resource for organizations to understand their own security culture maturity position relative to others, and bring to attention key areas for improvement.

More about the launch of KnowBe4 Research

In a joint press event, CLTRe’s parent company, KnowBe4, announced its launch of a new research arm called KnowBe4 Research, with the branch’s first “Security Culture Report”.

“We created KnowBe4 Research as a special projects division,” said Perry Carpenter, chief evangelist and strategy officer for KnowBe4 and a former Gartner analyst who now heads this new division. “Our mission is to provide IT and security leaders with high quality, vendor neutral data-driven insights related to cybersecurity and the human element.”

KnowBe4 is the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. “When we acquired CLTRe, a research-based organization, we knew that our research capabilities would be greatly enhanced,” said Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4. “Given that we also have several former research analysts on staff, developing the KnowBe4 Research brand makes perfect sense as we look to position KnowBe4 for the future. This is the first report of many pieces of research to come out of this new arm of our organization.”

Published today, the 2020 Security Culture Report is now available online. No pay-wall and no sign-up required. To download a copy of the KnowBe4 Security Culture Report, visit

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