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Build security culture with an evidence-based approach

Security culture programs designed with an evidence-based approach are significantly more successful. Here’s evidence.

Security Culture Industry Benchmark 2018: Information and Technology

The 2018 benchmark figures from CLTRe reveal that the security culture within the ICT sector is alarmingly poor. Scoring below the global standard on all security culture dimensions except one; Communication is clearly not enough to drive a good security culture.

Why security awareness and security culture are not the same thing

In a conversation related to my recent blogpost, How can we improve security culture, if security awareness training programs are…

Inforgraphic from CLTRe comparing effectiveness of methods to measure human factors
How can we improve security, if security awareness training programs are not yielding results?

Measuring security is a given when discussing technical controls. Just like technical controls, organizational controls such as security awareness and security culture must be measured in order to understand and manage change.

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CLTRe Insights: demonstrate changes in security culture

CLTRe Insights has a powerful analytics engine which means it is able to provide an array of different reports to show the changes to the organization as a whole, or by drilling down on a specific business unit, department or team, for example. The value of being able to measure security culture repeatedly becomes quite clear when looking at the results.

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