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The cropped title page of the Security Culture Report by CLTRe AS
Press release: Risky behaviors are threatening digitalization projects

The Security Culture Report 2018 reveals that security behaviors are poor across most industry sectors in Europe and the Unites States regardless of the employees attitudes towards security. In the largest study on security culture to date, the Norwegian software company CLTRe AS reveals data from more than 20 000 employees, across seven languages.

Does your organisation’s security culture enable or inhibit responsible risk taking?

From a risk management perspective, the question we really need to ask (and be able to measure) is: To what extent does the culture enable or inhibit responsible risk taking?

Identifying risks within: what security culture can tell you about insider threats

Given that the root cause of almost every security incident recorded can be attributed to human error, it follows that…

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WATCH LIVE: ‘Manage Risk with Security Culture’ with Kai Roer

Given that 95% of all cybersecurity incidents can be attributed to human factors, how can we control those human factors…

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