Security Culture Conference 2021

Join us in November and meet with other practitioners and scientists to:
🔸 Explore security culture, awareness and behaviours 
🔸 Dive into the latest research findings
🔸 Share and discuss the latest practices
🔸 Discover what security culture means for you 

This year, we have teamed up with our friends at Internetstiftelsen to host the Security Culture Conference online as part of Internetdagarna 2021. As one of 18 theme tracks across two days, the Security Culture Conference will be held on Tuesday, 23 November (Day 2) as a full-day online event.

This is an exciting learning and networking opportunity to join industry experts (both practitioners and scientists alike) as they discuss and share the latest research and practices. Exchange knowledge and experience of studying and improving security culture, awareness and behaviours.

The conference will start with a keynote from AI-expert, Ayesha Khanna, who will share concrete examples of how AI can solve problems in different industries. The day will be a mixture of talks and interative sessions presented by respected experts from across the field. The many speakers and panelists include:

  • Ayesha Khanna
  • Thea Ulimoen
  • Kai Roer
  • Dr Brett van Niekerk
  • Dr Trishana Ramluckan
  • Kari-Anne Larmerud
  • Quentyn Taylor
  • Caitriona Forde
  • Dr John McAlaney
  • Anna Collard
  • Kerissa Varma
  • Yolanda Cornelius
  • Amy Webb

To join, simply buy a ticket for Tuesday and select the “security culture conference” theme from the event program. (Alternatively, you can get a ticket for both days and catch loads of other amazing content too.) 

For the full program and more info, go to:

Tickets to the 2021 Security Culture Conference are now on sale! 

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