WATCH LIVE: ‘Manage Risk with Security Culture’ with Kai Roer

Given that 95% of all cybersecurity incidents can be attributed to human factors, how can we control those human factors and reduce that 95% risk factor? Answer: Don’t miss Kai Roer’s keynote titled ‘Manage Risk with Security Culture’.

If you can’t make it to the d!Talk at CEBIT, you can catch the LIVE-STREAM today at 16:45. Kai will be sharing how we can measure, understand and manage the Security Culture of our organisations, and use that to improve security and reduce risk.

Here is a link to watch the live-stream:

This is CLTRe’s second visit to CeBIT. In June 2016, the CLTRe Crew chose CeBIT to launch the original and first version of the CLTRe Toolkit which consisted on just two simple tools: Discover and Control. With that early version we measured over 10,000 employees from 38 companies within the bank and finance sector in the Nordics.

Now, the CLTRe Toolkit consists of 6 products in 8 languages and on three continents, but the principle behind the CLTRe Toolkit remains the same. Now it offers more tools to help you assess, build and improve an effective security culture programme that based on best practices, uses scientifically-developed measuring instruments and, recommended by ENISA (the EU Agency for Network and Information Security). The CLTRe Toolkit is used by organisations globally to measure security culture and discover the human factors that influence security and risk management.

See (in the diagram below) how each of the tools (Control, Discover, Insights, Profile, Interact, and Improve) can all be used to follow the four core steps of the Security Culture Framework: measure, involve, engage, and execute. The SCF describes a proven process that was published and made free and open to all by its creator, Kai Roer.

CeBIT is Europe’s ‘Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization’. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure of the state of the art in information technology. With 6 halls and 12 stages for its d!Talk section alone (there are four sections: d!conomy, d!tec, d!talk and d!campus), CeBIT boasts the largest exhibition ground in the world, held in Hanover, Germany.

What next?

Kai is about to go on stage! Watch LIVE now! Go to:

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Links to related information: – Event/Speaker information – Download our 2017 Security Culture Report detailing our main findings from our research into the security culture and human factors of the bank and finance sector. – Read about the CLTRe Toolkit and how its tools can be used to assess, build and improve security culture. – Book a demo to schedule a chat with one of security culture experts to explore how CLTRe can add value to your organisation today.


Blog updated 10/06/18 with uploaded video of talk, provided courtesy of CEBIT (published on YouTube June 12th)