Whitepaper: To measure security culture – a scientific approach

Whitepaper: To measure security culture - a scientific approach

At CLTRe, we believe there are answers to be found in science. When we set out to create a reproducible way to measure security culture, which would allow us to build comparative analysis across industries, countries and within organisations, we knew that we could do this two ways: the easy way, and the scientific way. We opted for the scientific way because our mission is to apply science to improve human behaviours. We believe that science should be applied to complex problems, and that the scientific findings should be made available in both practical and theoretical applications.

We create and publish research reports to share our findings, and we created a software that allows our customers to automate data gathering and analysis for their internal use. This is, in our opinion, science applied to the greater good of humanity.

The Security Culture Index and it's components

To help you better understand our scientific method and process, we have created this white paper that explains the challenge of measuring culture, and how, by applying a scientific instrument, it is possible to measure security culture in a consistent, comparative way. Without having to hire scientists or consultants.

You can download the whitepaper To measure security culture – a scientific approach here.

You can book a demo to see the CLTRe Toolkit with your own eyes here.

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