CLTRe Toolkit On-boarding

The CLTRe On-Boarding service is designed to help our customers maximise their value of using the CLTRe Toolkit. Over the course of several weeks, the CLTRe Customer Success Team walk you through the setup, the personalisation and the first assessment, before we help you make sense of the data collected.

The On-Boarding service is mandatory. However, you may choose to use one of our partners to deliver the on-boarding instead.

Customer Journey

Purchase agreement and legal & privacy documentation (DPA, SaaS agreement).
Technical preparations and setup. Preparing the organisation (comms). [CLTRe Onboarding]
Measure security culture of all employees with the CLTRe Security Culture Measurement Instrument. [CLTRe Onboarding]
Review the automatic reports and analysis of results. [CLTRe Onboarding]
Use measurement data to improve security culture program. [Advisory Services]