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The CLTRe Toolkit provides the tools you need to assess, build and improve security culture in your organisation.
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This is the CISO’s command centre. Use the dashboard to get an overview of your security culture measurement program, track changes over time and, compare your organisation’s security culture maturity score against industry benchmarks.


Upload employee lists and manage the distribution of your security culture assessment with ease. CLTRe Discover will collect and analyse the responses automatically. There is also a dedicated CISO assessment, that can be used to evaluate your security culture program and get suggestion action items.


With built-in data-analytics and data-visualisation tools, you can quickly determine which areas need improvement, who to engage with, and whether activities have the desired effect. For example, use the automatically-generated security culture map of the organisation, to pinpoint the strongholds, weak-spots, and potential threats.


A new feature in 2018! This allows each employee to have access to the results of their own security culture assessment and get details on their own score across the seven dimensions of security culture (Attitudes, Behaviour, Cognition, Communication, Compliance, Norms and Responsibilities).

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