CLTRe at Business Days

Our CEO, Kai Roer, is currently at Business Days (CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2016) sharing his thoughts on disruptive technologies and participating in the guests’ panel in the “Cybernetic Security” special session.

Business Days is a networking platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and managers whose goal is to create a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in Romania. Conferences at the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 are short inspirational presentation sessions, of 8-10 minutes, focusing on trends, challenges and global opportunities that have effect and impact over society and the economic environment. The conference speakers are top managers from big companies (multinational), successful entrepreneurs, experts from various areas connected to the theme, renowned consultants with a global vision over the theme, that will present statistics, infographics and analyses. Over 25,000 business people have been attending the event up until today (source: Business Days).

Kai’s speech on disruptive technologies took place on stage in front of 500 business people and over 15.000 online viewers. During the “Cybernetic Security” special session, Kai talked about the main preoccupations at a global level regarding cyber resilience, existing threats and risks and how they can be managed and avoided.

Kai commented: “The CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2016, taking place in Bucharest, Romania, is a great arena to introduce the importance of security and security culture into the startup and entrepreneurial scene. In a fast pace world, where disruptive innovation is the focus, security often becomes an afterthought, introducing risks that could have been easily avoided with a bit of planning and understanding.”

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Kai Roer discusses cybersecurity issues of Romania with Dan Nechita, counselor to the Prime-Minister of Romania.

Kai Roer discusses cybersecurity issues of Romania with Dan Nechita, counselor to the Prime-Minister of Romania.