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Only 3 cultural dimensions
Annual employee assessment
Create a baseline
Basic reporting
Manage priorities
Measure your effectiveness
Receive employee feedback
Real-time dashboard
Community support
All essential features, plus:
All 7 cultural dimensions
Advanced segmentation
Granulated access
Suggestions on how to improve
Respond to employee feedback
Involve & engage employees
Enterprise-level security
Email support
All professional features, plus:
Enterprise-level service
Highly scalable isolated environment
24hr backups
Redundant infrastructure
Global CDN
Optional VPN
Assigned account manager
Business-hours phone support
Our tiered pricing model is based on the total number of employees and length of contract, as well as your choice of plan. Volume discounts are available for annual subscriptions. Please talk to our sales team to find out more about our SaaS plans. Enterprise plans include a dedicated CLTRe Success Manager. *Benchmarking available in selected industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Payment

What is the minimum length of contract?

Minimum length of contract is 1 year, however there are steep discounts available for annual subscriptions.

What are the payment options?

Pay by card

Depending on your product plan, the best option is to pay with card. We use Stripe to process your payments.

We do not handle any credit card or payment information ourselves, or in any of our systems. We use payment processors like Stripe to accept payments using credit cards, making your transaction fast and secure.

Direct purchase

We accept direct bank transfers. Terms apply, including but not limited to:

  • Full year payment only
  • Payment up front (see terms on invoice)
  • Client to handle all bank fees
  • No refunds

For more details, please check your contractual agreement or contact CLTRe Sales.

Purchase via a partner

Depending on your location, we may have local or at least regional partners near to you.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Please contact [email protected] directly with further payment queries.

Can I add more employees to our subscription later?

Not a problem!  Regardless of your plan, you can easily adjust the number of employees from within the CLTRe Control dashboard.  Your next invoice will be corrected automatically.

Enterprise customers

  • Understanding your employee bracket size:

Built-in to your contract is flexibility to allow for expected changes in employee numbers. Rather than pay per employee, we can allocate you an agreed employee bracket size (say, 2000-2500 employees) so you don’t need to worry about expected fluctuations in employee turnover. You can check the maximum number of allowed employees in your current employee bracket size from within the CLTRe Control dashboard.

  • Concerned that you may have exceeded your employee bracket size?

No need. We’ve got you covered! If you exceed your current bracket by less than 10%, you will be charged at the agreed per employee price for any extra employees on your next invoice.  However, if you exceed your current bracket by more than 10%, your account will simply be moved to the next employee bracket size up, and a new invoice with the difference will be issued. You can find details on the current and next employee brackets within your CLTRe Control dashboard.

Still got a question?

Contact your CLTRe Success Manager directly, he or she will able to address any concerns.

Can I switch between plans?

Of course! You can switch plans at any time.

Switching from Essential to Professional

Now you’ve got the basics, it’s time to get Professional. Within the CLTRe Control dashboard, simply click “Get Professional” to access the full CLTRe Toolkit product offering and experience a higher level of service. Your Professional CLTRe Toolkit comes with far greater insights into the security culture of your organisation and more tools to involve and engage your audience.

Switching from Professional to Enterprise

As always, the CLTRe Crew are here to help! Our Enterprise customers often have specific requirements and benefit from being appointed a dedicated and experienced service manager who will act as your main point of contact with CLTRe. To discuss your Enterprise-level service needs, and to help you with the onboarding process, please reach out to your appointed sales representative or contact [email protected] directly.

Enterprise customers

You are currently receiving the full product benefits from the CLTRe Toolkit. If you believe there is more we can do for you, please contact your appointed CLTRe Success Manager to discuss your needs.

Still got a question?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your appointed sale representative or contact [email protected] directly. The CLTRe Crew are here to help!

Do CLTRe do consulting?

The short answer is no.

The CLTRe Crew do occasionally provide advisory services and deliver a limited number of trainings and workshops each year. We also work with a number of excellent partners globally who offer complementing value-adding services, including consulting, that may be able to help.

If you contact us with details of what you require, we would be happy to help by either giving you the details of our upcoming events or finding an appropriate partner to assist you.

What kind of data does CLTRe collect?

The CLTRe Toolkit uses a variety of data – some is for business logic (billing, invoicing), some is for user management (allowing you access, fetching “your” data), and some is used for research (improving the tool/tech, benchmarking).

Billing data

For billing, we collect and store information about you as a client of ours. Information we store include name, address, company name and contact information. If you are a paying customer, we also store a billing token from our payment processor Stripe. You can read more about the token and how Stripe handles credit card payments so we do not need to store any kind of credit card info here.

We keep this data on file as long as you are a client, and are legally responsible to do so according to Norwegian law (up to ten years for financial data).

User management data

User management data is everything we need to handle your account. This data includes your username, your email address, your password and so forth. This also includes session tokens, cookie data and tracking data need for the application to work. The toolkit is built using third-party frameworks and back-ends, and these may also add their own session data.

We keep this data as long as you are a registered user on the system, and according to Norwegian law.


The CLTRe Toolkit is also a research project to build the benchmarking tool. The research data we collect, and use, includes:

  • the answers you give in your CLTRe assessments
  • the action items we generate for you, and their completion dates
  • your rating and progress
  • your industry, company size, company revenue and location

The research project only has access to the actual answers given, and not who gave the answers. Only you have access to your own data. Meaning that only you know what you answered, and why.

Example – Your answer to an assessment item is 3 (Likert scale 1-5).
Your own records store this data as: Record ID, UserID (You), QuestionID (the assessment), answer (your answer). The research records shows: Record ID, QuestionID, Answer, industry, country, company size, company revenue

This means that the research data is not pointing back at you. When you delete your profile, your data is deleted with you – only the research data is kept on file. The same principle applies to other research data we collect – it is collected without identification of the provider.

We keep the research data for as long as we need to, as it provides valuable insights to the development of security culture over time, across borders, industries and organization sizes. This kind of data is what allows us to build the global benchmarking tool.


Check our support page to find more FAQs and answers, or…

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CLTRe Control
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CLTRe Insights
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admins available

CLTRe Control
CLTRe Discover
CLTRe Insights
CLTRe Improve
CLTRe Profile
CLTRe Interact
CLTRe Onboarding
CLTRe Success Management
“Admins” are users who have management access to the CLTRe Toolkit. This number is not affected by the total number of employees.

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