CLTRe Profile

Understand and learn about your own Security Culture

Engage employees

CLTRe Profile allows employees to visit their own security culture profile app, view their scores, compare themselves against benchmarks, and so much more:

  • Ensures privacy
  • Creates interest
  • Fuels engagement
  • Personal learning space
  • Access to CLTRe Interact

Designed to facilitate employee engagement, the CLTRe Profile allows each employee to have access to the results of their own security culture assessment, make comparisons with benchmark-scores and, get detailed information on each score across the seven dimensions of security culture. The CLTRe Profile is an individual security culture app used for personal development and security communication. Through using this app, employees learn about their own security culture, the significance that their own role plays, and what things they can individually do to positively influence the security culture of the organisation as a whole.

Privacy respected

CLTRe Profile makes it possible to see your own score and the aggregated score of your team, department or company without compromising the individual scores of others. CLTRe Profile gives you access and control over your own data – choose what personal data you wish to share with us (for research purposes) and update/edit the info within your profile.


CLTRe is used by a number of industry sectors and verticals to benchmark security culture. Sectors like the Bank and Finance industry were an early adopter of the CLTRe Toolkit due to their strong compliance requirements. Employees can compare their own score against internal and external benchmarks across each of the seven dimensions of security culture to get a broader understanding of their assessment.

Professional use

Professional and Enterprise CLTRe Toolkit users have access to CLTRe Profile (an app for employees to view their own scores and review their progress) and CLTRe Interact (a messaging service allowing employees to engage and interact safely and anonymously with their trusted security team).

The CLTRe Toolkit is a SaaS built to help you assess, build and improve security culture.
Take the guess-work out of your security awareness programme and discover the true culture of your organisation!

The Seven Dimensions of Security Culture

The CLTRe Toolkit measures security culture on the following seven dimensions:
    Employees’ feelings, thoughts and emotions about the various activities that pertain to security culture.
    Actual or intended activities of employees that have direct or indirect impact on security culture and information security, including risk taking behavior.
    Employees’ awareness knowledge and beliefs regarding practices, activities and self-efficacy that are related to security culture.
    Employees’ feelings, thoughts and emotions about the various activities that pertain to security culture.
    Awareness of existing organizational policies on information security, understanding and making significance of them, acting in line with them.
    Unwritten expectations regarding appropriate behaviors pertaining to usage of information technology in organizational context, perception of what practices are normal and unproblematic.
    Perceived obligation or role to behave correctly towards maintaining security culture.
*Available with ALL plans (incl. Essential).

The CLTRe Toolkit

Measure your organisation-wide security culture with an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service. Built upon the proven process of the Security Culture Framework, and using social scientific methods, the CLTRe Toolkit is used to assess, build and improve security culture.

Discover the tools available:

CLTRe Control

The command center of the CLTRe Toolkit where you’ll hold full cultural control

CLTRe Discover

Discover what your security culture landscape looks like

CLTRe Insight

Identify the weakspots and strongholds of your security culture

CLTRe Profile

Involve and engage with employees throughout your organisation

CLTRe Interact

Employees can provide feedback and interact with you safely & anonymously

CLTRe Improve

Focus on your security culture programme improvements

Delivering Actionable Data

The CLTRe Toolkit uses social science principles and methodologies to measure ideas, customs and behaviours of employees. Let it take the guesswork out of your security awareness activities, and start building a strong security culture to combat cyberthreats!

  • Measure norms, attitudes, and social behaviours
  • See cultural differences organisation-wide
  • Influence the culture where it’s needed
  • Measure the effectiveness of your programme

  • Non-intrusive to the employees
  • No training required
  • Minimal distraction for employees
  • Deep insights for the CISO

Find Your Industry

The CLTRe Toolkit has bee designed to address the unique challenges that different industries face. Discover how it enables you to assess, build and improve the Security Culture in your industry.
Bank and Finance

The Banking and Financial Services Sector has to pay particular attention to risk, control and compliance. The CLTRe Toolkit is directly applicable to assess, build and improve Security Culture in the Banking and Financial Services sector.


Government and Public Sector organisations face clear security challenges. The need to be accountable for a citizen’s most sensitive data in today’s environment of squeezed budgets, means that security is high on the list of pain points.


The Healthcare sector faces a unique set of security challenges. Ensuring patient data is secure whilst also available to a number of potential caregivers, can be tough, especially combined with high levels of regulatory compliance.


Large multi-national ICT organisations face a multitude of security challenges. The ICT sector is expected to be at the top of the game for Security Culture yet, it faces similar security issues to many other industries.

Can’t see your industry listed? Contact us to find out how we can help you improve Security Culture in your industry.