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At CLTRe, we are research driven. Our research department offers reports and analysis to customers and the public, in an effort to improve the understanding of how security culture influences the global workforce.

CLTRe Research provide two offerings:

Public Reports: using our broad and growing dataset of security culture, CLTRe publishes security culture reports, including the annual Security Culture Report. The findings are publicly available, and offers insights into industry sectors, gender, and experience, to name a few.

Bespoke Reports: The CLTRe Research offer bespoke analysis and research reports using customer data. The research provide our customers with deeper details and a more nuanced understanding of the security culture dimensions, directly from their own dataset as collected by the CLTRe Toolkit.

The CLTRe Research team work closely together with our product team and developers to incorporate a growing number of the analysis and tools into the CLTRe Toolkit dashboard.

The Security Culture Report 2017

Deep insights to the human mind

The Security Culture Report 2017 – Deep insights into the human factor, is available! Learn how age, gender, industry sector and other factors play a part at securing your organisation.

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Security Culture Report 2017 Webinar

‘The Security Culture Report 2017 – Indepth insights into the human factor’investigates the human factors influencing security culture. This report is a deep dive into the security cultures of more than 10 000 employees across 5 industry sectors, 38 companies and two countries. (Full version, 200+ pages)

The Security Culture Report 2017 on ‘Gender, Risk and Security’ highlights the importance of gender balance in risk-management strategy. Organisations, departments or teams with a limited balance of genders are more likely to display biased security and risk behaviours. (Excerpt of full report, 20 pages)