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The Security Culture Report 2017

The Security Culture Report 2017 – Indepth insights into the human factor – is a a deep dive into the security cultures of more than 10 000 employees across 5 industry sectors, 38 companies and two countries.

The research looks at how age, experience, gender and attitudes influence risky behaviours and security culture.

The largest such study in the world, CLTRe Research provide a free download of the 200+ pages study for a limited time.

More than 10.000 employees studied
5 industry sectors
2 countries
38 companies
Main Findings
Gender Matters
Genders perceive risk differently
Crossing borders
Significant differences between countries
Old or young?
Age impacts security behaviour
Working improves security culture
Norms trumps trainings
Norms are critical to controlling culture


Significant gender differences are observed. Females are more risk averse when it comes to security culture, better at complying with norms and more open to accepting regulations than their male colleagues.


There are significant differences across borders. Having a comprehensive understanding of these differences is important when building and improving security culture in multinational corporations.


Age appears to be one of main drivers of security culture. With years come a better understanding of the behaviours to support organizational security and greater awareness of personal responsibility.


The time worked at an organisation is also a determinant of security culture.


Our research also demonstrates the influence of acceptance of norms on reduction of risky behaviour. Conversely, we see only a weak correlation between formal trainings, knowledge, and behaviours.

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