The 7 Dimensions of Security Culture

Building a strong security culture is an important risk management strategy and can make your organization more resilient to cyber attacks and data breaches. To improve security culture, it is important to be able to assess what kind of security culture you have already, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and deploy the best methods for improvement.

This research paper explores why security culture is measured using these 7 dimensions, what they are and how they can be influenced. To date, the seven dimensions are used to benchmark security culture by organizations in the USA, China, and more than 8 European countries.

For an explanation of CLTRe’s 7 dimension model of security culture, what each dimension measures, and how each can be influence to improve security culture overall, download the full research report here.

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We have measured the security culture in organizations around the world and continue to research its influences and impact on information security globally. Each year CLTRe publish numerous reports, white papers and other types of research on security culture. All our publicly available reports are available to download for free.