Measure security culture within your organisation

The CLTRe Toolkit is the leading tool to assess, build and improve security culture. Built upon the proven process of the Security Culture Framework, and using social scientific methods, the CLTRe Toolkit enables you to measure the organisation-wide security culture with an easy-to-use software-as-a-service.
The Security Culture Survey was created with social scientific methods and principles.
With our reporting tools you gain precise insights to your security culture throughout your organization
Full flexibility means you control how and when your employees are assessed
Usability is crucial to help the employees actually complete the assessments

CLTRe Discover

Explore what the security culture landscape looks like in different areas of the business. Plan your measurement campaigns to know and show where and how it is changing. CLTRe Discover distributes the non-intrusive assessments.

CLTRe Discover

CLTRe Insight

CLTRe Insight is a powerful tool to analyse and visualise the effectiveness of your security culture programme. Map security culture scores to your organisational chart. Drill down into each departments and get detailed insights on how culture differs.

CLTRe Profile

Engage the employees by instantly showing their personal security culture scores, and where they excel or could improve. Use CLTRe Profile to engage. This app allows employees to compare themselves against their team and the full organisation.

CLTRe Control

Get a complete overview of the security culture throughout the organisation, how its changed over time and how it compared to industry benchmarks. CLTRe Control is your security culture command center, giving the CISO full control!

The CLTRe Toolkit is a SaaS built to help you assess, build and improve security culture.
Take the guess-work out of your security awareness programme and discover the true culture of your organisation!

Discover the tools available:

CLTRe Control

The command center of the CLTRe Toolkit where you’ll hold full cultural control

CLTRe Discover

Discover what your security culture landscape looks like

CLTRe Insight

Identify the weakspots and strongholds of your security culture

CLTRe Profile

Involve and engage with employees throughout your organisation

CLTRe Interact

Employees can provide feedback and interact with you safely & anonymously

CLTRe Improve

Focus on your security culture programme improvements

The CLTRe Toolkit explained

The CLTRe Toolkit enables organisations to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your programme
  • Assess norms, attitudes, and social behaviours
  • Identify potential insider threats
  • Focus effort where it’s most needed

In addition, the data and insights provided are used by the board and executive management to:

  • Identify and understand the human factors that influence risk,
  • Justify/adjust budgets & expenditure,
  • Influence/drive strategy, and
  • Support decision making

Benchmarking security culture

The CLTRe Toolkit can also used by organisations to benchmark cybersecurity culture to compare its maturity across organisations and industries as well as internally across different teams and business units.

Seeing how their different business units, departments and teams compare, means that our customers understand where in their organization their security culture is weakest, and where it is strongest. This information makes it possible to tune their investments towards security culture activities to improve security where it really matters.

Want to know more? The CLTRe Crew are here to help! For more information, follow the link to book a demo and a member of the CLTRe sales team will be in touch shortly to schedule a chat and discuss your needs.

Manage your security culture

With the CLTRe Toolkit, you get the measure of your security culture at every level of your organisation over time. Our security culture benchmarking tools provide a scientifically valid and reliable baseline that is replicable (can be repeated over time) and meaningful.

By measuring the culture (the ideas, customs and social behaviours) that your organisation, and its subgroups, have towards information security, the CLTRe Toolkit pinpoints the key areas of concern within your organisation (potential insider threats) and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the security culture.

Reach each corner of your organisation

Achieving a strong security culture that is consistent and sustainable throughout the organisation becomes easier when you have real data showing what impact campaigns are having in each areas of the business.

From group level down to individual branches and outlets, get real insight into the security culture of your organisation at every level. The CLTRe Toolkit helps you get a better understanding of the impact and effectiveness of your security awareness/culture programme. Our SaaS can help you understand how some employees think about and understand security or communicate security-related topics differently from others.

The Seven Dimensions of Security Culture

The CLTRe Toolkit measures security culture on the following seven dimensions:
    Employees’ feelings, thoughts and emotions about the various activities that pertain to security culture.
    Actual or intended activities of employees that have direct or indirect impact on security culture and information security, including risk taking behavior.
    Employees’ awareness knowledge and beliefs regarding practices, activities and self-efficacy that are related to security culture.
    Employees’ feelings, thoughts and emotions about the various activities that pertain to security culture.
    Awareness of existing organizational policies on information security, understanding and making significance of them, acting in line with them.
    Unwritten expectations regarding appropriate behaviors pertaining to usage of information technology in organizational context, perception of what practices are normal and unproblematic.
    Perceived obligation or role to behave correctly towards maintaining security culture.

*Available with ALL plans (incl. Essential).

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Find Your Industry

The CLTRe Toolkit has been designed to address the unique challenges that different industries face. Discover how it enables you to assess, build and improve the Security Culture in your industry.
Bank and Finance

The Banking and Financial Services Sector has to pay particular attention to risk, control and compliance. The CLTRe Toolkit is directly applicable to assess, build and improve Security Culture in the Banking and Financial Services sector.


Government and Public Sector organisations face clear security challenges. The need to be accountable for a citizen’s most sensitive data in today’s environment of squeezed budgets, means that security is high on the list of pain points.


The Healthcare sector faces a unique set of security challenges. Ensuring patient data is secure whilst also available to a number of potential caregivers, can be tough, especially combined with high levels of regulatory compliance.


Large multi-national ICT organisations face a multitude of security challenges. The ICT sector is expected to be at the top of the game for Security Culture yet, it faces similar security issues to many other industries.

Can’t see your industry listed? Contact us to find out how we can help you improve Security Culture in your industry.

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