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The Security CLTRe Toolkit

Manage your security culture

The CLTRe Toolkit it the leading tool to assess, build and improve security culture. Built upon the proven process of the Security Culture Framework, and using social scientific methods, the CLTRe Toolkit enables you to measure the organisation-wide security culture with an easy-to-use software-as-a-service.

CLTRe Control

The CLTRe Control gives the CISO perfect insights into the security culture, and allows you to distribute both assessments and learning activities. Giving your full control over your security culture, the CLTRe Control is the main hub in the CLTRe Toolkit.

CLTRe Discover

The CLTRe Discover is used to distribute assessments throughout the organisation to discover how the security culture landscape looks like. Use it annually to discover trends early and to learn where you should focus your security culture improvements.

CLTRe Discover

CLTRe Profile

Engage the employees by instantly showing their personal security culture scores, allow them to compare against their team, and see how they do against the full organisation. Engage more, with less!

The CLTRe Toolkit awaits your discovery!

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The CLTRe Toolkit Explained

The CLTRe Toolkit allows you to assess, build and improve the security culture. The central element is the CLTRe Control, your location to find out all things security culture – from the current status, to the trends, through how your organisation have changed over time.

The CLTRe Toolkit give you the overview, and act as your command center to understand your security culture needs. Use the toolkit to distribute assessments annually, and to plan and execute your security culture campaigns.

Changing culture used to be tough. With the CLTRe Toolkit, we give you the tools you need to command that change.

Still not easy. But much less tough!

CLTRe Control

The CLTRe Control is your security culture command center. Distribute assessment, analyse your organisation, improve your culture – everything culture, you do it here!

CLTRe Discover

The CLTRe Discover tool is where you learn about the current security culture in your organisation. Check the pulse annually with the non-intrusive security culture assessment tool.

Deep Insights

The CLTRe Toolkit is a powerful tool to measure and visualise the effectiveness of your security culture programme. Use the detailed insights to understand how your culture differs across the organisation, drill down into each departments, and gain through knowledge of your security culture.

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CLTRe Control
Complete overview
Command Center
Access Management
Manage CLTRe Discover
Manage CLTRe Improve
CLTRe Discover
Everything in Dashboard, plus
Annual assessments
Detailed reports
Score each individual employee
Non-intrusive assessments
Max 15 minutes to complete
No log-ins or learning required

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